Did you notice that our society is becoming smarter every year in knowledge and in technology?

How do you think the world is changing “smarter” every year? 

As our 21st century society becomes "smarter" and "technological" every year, we, too, need to be ready and be equipped with our own set of skills to thrive in this fast changing world.


Now, you are probably wondering, WHAT SKILLS??!





21st Century Skills

- Able to Make Plans
- Able to Make Choices and Decide
- Think Clearly on What to Do or Believe 
- Understand Ideas and Make Connections
- Solve Problems
- Choosing the Right Tools for a Task
- Knowing How to Use Technology for a Task

- Communicate Well with Others
- Work Well with Others: “Teamwork”
- Understanding Different Culture
- Having Creativity
- Visualizing (draw ideas in my head)
- Having Personal Responsibility (to take care of myself)
- Having Social Responsibility (to take care of others)

.... AND many more, of course

 Can be done alone
About the Product About the Process

Not too much real world connection

Happens after “real” learning

All projects have the same goal

 Needs team work and teacher’s guidance 

Teacher leads Students lead

Based on real world problems and experiences

Real learning happens during the project

Student choices control the outcome