SALT Curriculum & Educational Program

SALT International School caters to all grade level students ranging from 1 through 12 and the main core curriculum is set with the standards derived from the Common Core State Standard. The curriculum includes four core subjects – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to these core subjects, students take a wide range of specialty courses that include subjects from music and physical education, to aquatics and the Korean Language Arts.



Grades 1 ~ 4

 During the Elementary years, the English Language Arts and Mathematics courses follow the general curriculum as outlined by the Common Core State Standard expectations. The Science and Social Studies subjects are also introduced to the students but with a combined content coverage with respect to both American and Korean curriculum. This is to ensure that the students are not just learning a one-sided social study, but a multi-various one - to ensure students develop to be global citizens. Aside from the core subjects, elementary students are also exposed to various "specialty" subjects such as Art, Music, P.E. Swimming, Korean, etc. with a big emphasis on cultivating the creative minds through a mandatory class that is aligned with the Odyssey of the Mind program.

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The Pre-Junior department is narrowed down to a 2-year program where the students begin preparing themselves to not only be academically ready but also to develop independence, confidence, responsibility, and to seize opportunities. The students are slowly exposed to experiencing different styles of teachers divided by the Mathematics/ Science with that of Social Studies/ SPBL classes. Upon of all the courses offered in the Elementary department, the Pre-Junior students will have much more exposure to group work, research, public speaking, debates, and even integrating themselves with students of other departments for possible collaborations. 

Grades 5 ~ 6

Grades 7 ~ 8

 Once the students reach the Junior High years, the core subjects are broken down into a more specific discipline to help students achieve a higher academic standard while being able to learn the specific skills to help progress towards their senior years. English is a combination of a general ELA course plus a Technical English course that covers writing (i.e. essay), speaking (i.e. speech), and the general fluency of English. Mathematics and Science course also span out across the 2 Junior High years to best prepare the students into their Senior High years - even taking into consideration their academic potential so that the academic content best fits the learning environment for each of the students. Last but not least, a Social Studies course that specializes in U.S. History/World History, Government/Economics is taught per respective two grade levels in Junior High to best prepare students for the Senior High courses.



Grades 9 ~ 12

 In the Senior High years, all of the students are expected to take the core courses following the curriculum starting in the respective 9th grade but would have the option of pursuing a more advanced academic achieving course starting from the 10th grade. In the 11th and 12th grades, the students are allowed to specialize in their subject interest, provided they are given recommendations by the teachers or the college counselor. The general policy requires a prerequisite or an overall grade requirement for the students to take a more advanced course, but sometimes this requirement is waived if there is a strong recommendation from the subject instructor.




Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to students in the Senior Years, but it is not required for graduation, though strongly encouraged for students who have the capacity and are willing to be challenged. AP courses follow strict college-level curricula and examinations and are designed by the College Board. 
This is also the highest-level course that students may enroll at SALT.

Apart from the major core courses listed above, SALT offers a variety of Specialty classes that cover the areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, Aquatics, Korean, Chinese, Bible/ Character Study, Religion, Counseling & Mentoring, etc. 

SPBL (SALT Project Based Learning) COURSES
As well, a major part of SALT education revolves around the concept of PRODUCATION (Project/Problem + Education) where the students are prepared for the society by being able to engage in the setup, planning, research, finding the solution, and even, learning through failures. In all circumstances, whether in the classroom or out, the aim is to teach the essentials of application and real-life connectivity. This is taught and reinforced in each grade’s SPBL classes.